Whooper Swan

30 November 2022

Winter is here, the meadows have flooded and the winter-visiting wildfowl have started to arrive. Along with the usual species such as Shoveler, Wigeon, Gadwall and Teal and a small number of Pintail there are an unusual number of Canada Geese this year. However the most unusual arrival this year is a single Whooper Swan.

Whoopers are rarely seen in the valley, the last recorded sighting being 12 years ago. They are about the same size as our familiar Mute Swan but the beak is a bit longer and has yellow markings on it instead of orange. A small number breed in Scotland but their numbers are boosted in winter by an influx from Iceland, their normal breeding ground, although not many venture this far south.

Footpaths - 14 October

All paths are walkable although some are a bit overgrown and there are a few muddy patches.

Report overgrown rights of way to East Sussex and other paths to the Friends of Combe Valley.

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Whooper Swan

This year our usual winter-visiting wildfowl have been joined by a Whooper Swan. This unusual visitor to the park was last recorded here 12 years ago.

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