Identification Charts

Click on the pictures to download identification charts showing some of the things you may find around the countryside park.



Some of the damselflies found in the Park



Some of the dragonflies found in the Park

clouded yellow


Most of the butterflies found in the Park


Early Spring Flowers

Some early flowers in the Park

wild rose

Summer Flowers

A few of the flowers found in summer


Late Summer Flowers

Some of the last to appear in the summer


Berries & Nuts

A few of the seeds that can be found in late summer



A few of the fungi found in the woods


Larger Resident Birds

Some of the larger birds that can be seen all year


Smaller Resident Birds

Some of the smaller birds that can be seen all year


Water Birds

Some of the birds that can be seen on the lakes, especially in winter

Footpaths - 3 July

All paths are now dry but some of the less walked paths are getting a bit overgrown, so shorts may not be a good idea.

Report overgrown rights of way to East Sussex and other paths to the Friends of Combe Valley.

Latest News

Squacco Heron

Two rare herons have been found in the valley recently. The Squacco Heron and the Black-crowned Night Heron visiting us are well out of their usual summer haunts.

New on this website

August 2023 - a set of new pages describing some of the more common flowering plants has been added to the "Wildlife" section of the site.