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speckled wood
Speckled Wood

Small and Essex Skippers may have gone by August but most butterflies will still be around in significant numbers.

southern hawker
Southern Hawker

Most damselflies will have disappeared although the Blue-tailed Damselfly and the Beautiful Demoiselle should still be around. August is the best month for spotting the hawker dragonflies; Migrant Hawker and Southern Hawker will be common and a few Brown Hawkers will be about. As the hawkers all seem to spend most of their time in the air they can be difficult to identify unless they settle.

There are unlikely to be any new plants flowering in August although many of those that started earlier will be still in flower.

Footpaths - 12 March

Most paths are walkable now the water level has dropped. However, many are still very muddy and a few are only really walkable in wellies.

Report overgrown rights of way to East Sussex and other paths to the Friends of Combe Valley.

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Whooper Swan

This year our usual winter-visiting wildfowl have been joined by a Whooper Swan. This unusual visitor to the park was last recorded here 12 years ago.

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April 2022 - A new section, "Nature's Calendar", has been added giving details of what to look out for around the Countryside Park at different times of the year.