While the current situation persists we would like to ask all visitors to the Countryside Park to take extra care to respect the social distancing rules, keep dogs under control and take all your litter home or to the nearest bin. Please also remember that much of the area is farmland and farmers still have to work to provide us all with food. In particular try to avoid Actons Farm as the Greenway path runs right through the farmyard which is run by a family with young children. Enjoy the countryside, but please, please act responsibly.

Welcome to Combe Valley

Park map sign
Typical map of the Park

The Combe Valley Countryside Park covers approximately 2.3 square miles (about 1480 acres) and provides an area of countryside between Hastings and Bexhill for public enjoyment and recreation.

About half of the land is privately owned and farmed, and the remainder belongs to Hastings, Rother or East Sussex. The area has two SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) and a remarkable amount of wildlife to be treasured with 2,456 recorded species including several rarities.

A network of paths exists including a new cycleway running from Sidley in the West to Hollington in the East.

Track of old railway

The central valley floods in winter, encouraging waterfowl, with many ducks, geese, herons and egrets to be seen. Dragonflies and other insects abound in the summer, and many different aquatic and wetland plants thrive. Raptors such as kestrels and buzzards can often be seen hunting in the valley.

The park also includes a 2-mile stretch of coastline at Bulverhythe running from Galley Hill at Bexhill in the west towards St Leonards in the east.