River Clearance and other work

Autumn is the time for maintenance work in the valley.

The Environment agency have been busy clearing reeds and other vegetation from the rivers to ensure the floodwater drains off properly. They have cleared both the Combe Haven and the Watermill Stream from Three Bridges in the middle of the park downstream to the Bexhill Road. Upstream from Three Bridges the Combe Haven was cleared a few months ago.

Sussex Wildlife Trust have cleared ditches in the Filsham Reedbeds and have been cutting and burning reeds and willow as part of their annual maintenance. The Konik ponies have also been put to good use in the reserve munching on grass and reeds.

A drainage ditch has been installed alongside the public right of way that skirts the northern edge of the landfill site. However, until the grass gets re-established the path is extremely muddy and slippery, so is best avoided until the weather improves in the Spring.

Combe Haven downstream of marker post 55
Watermill Stream downstream of marker post 56
Section of Filsham Reedbeds where the reeds have been cut
New drainage channel north of the landfill site