Reedbed Fire

Yesterday, 31 May, there was a fire in part of the reedbeds, which destroyed a whole area of reeds in which many birds were nesting and which would have been home to many other small creatures, some of which must have perished. It is extremely important that in this hot dry weather all visitors to the park take extreme care not to start fires, either deliberately or accidentally.

Someone had lit a fire in the nearby woods (see photo) and this may have been the cause, because in the prevailing wind, any stray embers would have been carried to the site of the subsequent reedbed fire. Most of the park is a Site of Scientific Importance (SSSI) and Open fires, including BBQs, are not allowed. If you see anyone contravening this please call the police or notify the Friends of Combe Valley on 07969088186.

Enjoy the Park, it’s a wonderful place, but act responsibly. No fires, no fishing, no shooting except with the landowner’s or farmer’s permission, respect the wildlife and take all your litter away, including dog poo bags!