The map shown above is taken from a leaflet, ‘Nature On Your Doorstep’. However, you should be aware that it was compiled before the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road construction was started and does not show that road, nor the new paths associated with it – details below. A new version of the leaflet will be available in due course.

In the meantime the Bexhill section of OpenStreetMap shows the new road, the Greenway and the new pools, so used in conjunction with the old map above is very useful.

A very useful app for your phone is Maps Me which can be used off-line and has all the paths plus the numbered marker posts on when zoomed in.

The new road enters the eastern end of the park near the Sidley car park and exits again just west of Marker Post 29. It then skirts around the northern edge of the park, crossing the southern end of the Crowhurst arm.

The ESCC website has Right of Way maps which show any footpath closures .

The Combe Valley Greenway

The Combe Valley Greenway, a route for pedestrians, cyclists and horses, runs all the way from Sidley in the west to Crowhurst Road near Upper Wilting Farm in the east and mostly runs just east and south of the new link road, Combe Valley Way. In the East it will eventually link up with the proposed Hastings Greenway.

Access from Sidley

From the Sidley car park shown on the map, at the end of Glovers Lane (just the end of the lane really), there should be a permissive equestrian route (part of the Greenway) running North via a ford to where it joins Buckholt Lane just West of the bridge across Combe Valley Way between marker posts MP30 and MP29. However at the moment it is closed because of the new road construction and there is a diversion signed.

For cyclists and pedestrians the route crosses the bridge towards the business park and turns left to skirt the car park and down to Mount View Street. At the moment there is a short diversion here because of construction work. Crossing the road the path goes further downhill to the bridge under the disused railway track. Just before the bridge there are steps up to the disused railway track and immediately under the bridge there is a footpath to the right that it is best to avoid as it gets very muddy. Ahead is the Combe Valley Greenway which provides a dry route for pedestrians and cyclists running up the eastern side of the new road to where it meets Buckholt Lane. The Greenway then follows the existing path via Actons Farm as far as MP57 and then continues fairly close to the new road passing MP74 at the junction with the “1066 Country Walk – Bexhill Link” and on to Upper Wilting Farm and MP19.

Access from Upper Wilting Farm

The Combe Valley Greenway starts immediately west of the railway bridge on Crowhurst Road, which is controlled by traffic lights. It goes north past the farm and then west along the valley until it gets to Actons Farm. About 50 yards west of Actons Farm the cycle/pedestrian path goes off to the left. The equestrian path continues along Buckholt Lane, across a bridge over the link road, but is subject to the new road construction diversions noted above.

​Possible flooding during the winter

Much of the Country Park is a wetland habitat so during the wettest months of the winter some paths in the central part of the valley, particularly the 1066 country path, become flooded and therefore impassable. Some others get very muddy in places so good boots are essential.