Fire in the reedbeds

An area of reedbed approximately 150 yards square caught light last night (14 April) and burned for several hours. Fortunately it was not in the main Filsham Reedbed but nevertheless it is an area where lots of birds would have been nesting and may have had eggs or chicks.

surviving shootsThe fire looks like it started along the path by the Combe Haven and although I don’t know how it started, it may be more than a coincidence that the remains of some fireworks were found not far from there a couple of weeks ago and there are other burn marks along the paths. Please do not light fires and certainly do not take fireworks into the park. If you see anyone acting irresponsibly please call the police. The area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and home to a number of rare species.

Fortunately, as the smaller photo shows, the new growth is still showing green so the reeds will soon recover and so will most of the wildlife.  However, the park can certainly do without this sort of thing.