Bridge Replacements

East Sussex County Council have recently been doing work to replace some of the bridges in the Park which were suffering from rot and would have become dangerous if not attended to. Among them were two of the bridges on the 1066 path at the area known locally as Three Bridges. The most northerly of these was lengthened to make it easier to access when there is light flooding. Ideally the bridge should be raised above the level of the worst of the winter floods, but this would also involve raising the level of the path for some distance either side of the bridges. This is being investigated but would need the permission of several interested parties (ESCC, Natural England, landowners etc.) as a number of factors have to be taken into consideration, not least of which is the alteration of the water flow in flood conditions if the path level is raised. However one of the aims of the Countryside Park is to make the 1066 path walkable for more of the year than is currently possible.